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Here at Sisterhood we make effortless clothing with a bit of sass for women who love simple elegance.
We take inspiration from female magic, and against throw away fashion, we aim to create individual pieces that will never go out of style. 




We are proud to love Mother Earth, this means that we do our absolute best day to day to reduce our impact on the environment. Everything we use to run our brand from paper to packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and can all be recycled once finished with. We work closely with a small factory who we have a very loyal relationship with to produce our designs; they help us to ensure that there is no wastage with our fabrics and no nasty chemicals used during the production process. Fair wages are paid to all of our workers and we make regular visits to make sure that their working conditions are safe. It’s truly important to us that the beautiful clothes we sell don't have an ugly past. 






 We don’t use any fabrics or materials derived from animals for any of our clothing