We've been craving to start a blog at Sisterhood for some time now; a bit of something to give all of our wonderful customers a bit more of an insight into what we're all about! Our aim is to give you all an outlet where we'll shout out about all the AMAZING women, issues and topics we are inspired by and make us tick day to day! 


To kick it all off we couldn't think of anyone better than the beautiful and talented TIA HENRICKS... 70's influenced Aussie babe with an open heart and love for writing poetry. She caught our eye with her laid back vibes, empowering confidence and beautifully inspiring Instagram and we just knew instantly we had to team up with her! Full acceptance and self love is something we can not promote enough amongst our followers, and this is something Tia seems to have completely mastered and we LOVE her for it! 

Tia is so grounded and motivated; and has been such a pleasure to collaborate with, she really has an incredible insight into what our brand represents and has passionately become part of our Sisterhood.

When first speaking with Tia, she gave us the challenge of asking 'what our brand meant to us?'. We really dug deep into the soul of Sisterhood and here's what we came up with...

'Women are a collective of so many magical qualities and styles. We are all sisters and we are all powerful, strong and beautiful in our own way. In this modern world we're in, it can be really tough to remind ourselves of this and far too easy to get lost. We have to stay together, work together and push through together. We want to spread self assurance and love amongst all of our followers and customers, reminding them they are special everyday! We want women to wear our pieces and instantly feel free, empowered and inspired. '


Tia has produced a beautiful series of images for us wearing some of her favourite Sisterhood pieces to capture this feeling in her own style, shot by her greatly talented friend Jessica Roscoe.  


P.S Don't miss Tia's Q & A with us lower down 

Tia Henricks wearing the ESTELLA (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Tia Henricks wearing the ESTELLA (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Tia Henricks wearing the LOLITA dress (shot by Jessica Ruscoe) 

Tia Henricks wearing the LOLITA dress (shot by Jessica Ruscoe) 

To get to know Tia a little better, we put some questions to her and here's whats she had to say...                                                                                                                         

Q. What gets you up and out of bed in the morning?

A. Knowing I can jump into a silky robe, slippers and lay on my balcony in the sun, my gal pals, and another day means another outfit...


Q. Who gave you your best piece of life advice? and what is it?

A. Everyday I learn something, I either teach myself, learn from damaging or great experiences. Everyday there is something to learn and I have only been alive for a few short years so I couldnt say I have learnt my best advice yet!


Q. What’s your idea of true beauty?

A. CONFIDENCE HAPPINESS. These two shine so bright together, you can tell when a girl feels good she just f**king rocks everything she does, her stance, her eyes, her clothing. 


Q. If you could tell all women in the world one thing, what would it be?

A. LOVE YOURSELVES. Dress yourself up, FOR YOU! You will feel like a walking fantasy projecting your seductive energy of fearless independent, relaxed and erotic individuality, dance always. You are all freaking beautiful. 


Q. We love and are inspired by your confidence and inner peace which is reflected through every post on your Instagram, what’s your secret?

A. Wow really? thats super cool.  I post for the fun of it! I like making pictures and usually I am actually doing whatever at the time and think here this would be a cool photo and post! It's nothing serious, I love helping brands grow and to be able to show my style throughout other brands clothing, I dress to impress, myself. 


Q. Your biggest aspiration?

A. Write and publish my first book before my 18th birthday, travel to Paris/Milan/Italy, take inspiration and design my very own label. 


Q. Your favourite thing about Sisterhood? and favourite piece from the collection?

A. Every piece is absolutely incredible, I have a really big love for Sisterhood, it is definitely one of my favourite independent brands. Every piece is made for the feminine soul, it reflects the soul, the heart, the inner goddess in everyone. My favourite piece would HAVE to be the Lolita dress, wow that lace makes you feel like you're on fire. But my star blouse is also the best, andddd my Female tee, ahhh I can't ever choose!

Tia Henricks wearing the ASTRID dress (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Tia Henricks wearing the ASTRID dress (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Tia Henricks wearing the ESTELLA (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Tia Henricks wearing the ESTELLA (shot by Jessica Ruscoe)

Collage by Jessica Ruscoe

Collage by Jessica Ruscoe

Thanks for reading Sistas,

We hope you enjoyed and we'll be posting weekly. x

(if anyone knows of any inspiring women who we can team up with and post about please let us know via our contact form)